Mahē With all of the attention CBD has been getting lately regarding treatments for human disorders and diseases, it is no wonder people are now wondering if CBD can also help their pets. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is non-intoxicating unlike its counterpart THC and has been found to have many potential therapeutic benefits including, but not limited to, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety, and seizure-suppressant properties.

Though research about CBD and its effects on humans are still in its infancy, due to the prohibition of Marijuana in the United States, there have been recent studies that produced favorable results. However, there is not currently any formal research results that have studied how CBD affects dogs, so there is no scientific evidence to support or disprove the use of CBD for dogs.

There is, however, evidence from dog owners that suggests that CBD can treat pain and help control seizures for dogs. Other dog owners have reported using CBD on their dogs for anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulation, and anti-anxiety, much like the cannabinoid has been used for humans. In fact, the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) is sponsoring a study that will evaluate the use of CBD in treatment-resistant epileptic dogs [1].

We also do not know what side-affects CBD can have on dogs, but we can draw some conclusions based on the known side effects found in humans. Dry mouth lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness may all affect your dog if he is given CBD.

It appears that the main danger of giving your pup CBD is in the dosage. Since there isn’t any scientific data, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD, nor has it issued a dosage chart. Therefore, it is unknown what dosage would be toxic for a dog. It is always recommended to start with small doses and work up from there when giving pets medication.

Of course, you should consult with your veterinarian before trying CBD as a treatment for your dog. If you and your vet decide to try CBD on your dog, be sure to look for high-quality CBD oil, so it has the best chances of working. Other tips include; purchase organic – you don’t want pesticides, fungicides, or solvents in the oil; don’t price shop – the higher the quality and purity of the CBD oil, the higher the price; get the analysis – the manufacturer should include a certificate that tells you the amount of CBD that is in the product [1]. Be sure the product does not contain any THC; buy CBD in liquid form – you can buy treats that contain CBD, but it is best to administer it as an oil to your dog. This way, you can control the amounts given and adjust accordingly.

Much like the use of CBD with humans, using CBD with your dog will be a trial and error process. You will have to experiment a bit to find the correct dosage and monitor your dog to be sure the CBD is working and not having negative side-effects.

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