Custódia Stress is something that effects everyone at one time or another and is not necessarily a bad thing. However, when that stress is persistent or turns into anxiety, it can become burdensome and debilitating thus effecting your relationships, work life, eating habits, can lead to substance abuse, weight gain or loss, etc. There are several medications on the market that can be used to treat stress and anxiety, but what if you don’t want to see a psychiatrist and be on prescribed medication? Could CBD oil be the answer to this problem? Everyday people have been saying that CBD helps with their stress levels for years now. Whether these people get CBD through oil, vapor, or in combination with THC via marijuana intake, the cannabis plant has been known to curb anxiety. There is also growing scientific evidence that CBD works as a treatment for anxiety. Much of this research has been conducted using rodents and found that in 32 different studies that tested CDB’s effects on anxiety only one did not see useful results [1].

Due to the medical marijuana and legalization efforts of late, humans have been experimenting with cannabis more than ever. And while it is much more expensive and legally complicated for scientists to conduct clinical research using human subjects, the evidence is still present to support CBDs use for stress and anxiety. For example, public speaking causes many humans a great deal of anxiety and CBD has been proven to reduce performance anxiety in both people with and without an anxiety disorder [1].

In scientific terms, CBD is known to bind to the 5-HT1A receptor in the brain which is a serotonin receptor that is thought to have the strongest role in anxiety disorder. The anti-anxiety drug buspirone, that is widely prescribed, also binds to that exact receptor.

Also, the endocannabinoid system in your body naturally produces cannabinoids which are used throughout your body and brain. Chronic stress can cause this system to become unregulated and CBD is known to help restore balance to the system.

Furthermore, chronic stress can damage neurons in the brain. However, certain areas of the brain are able to regenerate neurons. CBD is known to help the process of regeneration and thus, balance out the loss of neurons due to stress.

Of course, we recommend consulting your doctor before beginning any CBD treatment. It is also recommended to integrate CBD into a comprehensive anxiety treatment plan, rather than completely replacing your old plan with CBD treatment. It can be dangerous to stop taking, or even reduce dosage, of any prescribed medication that treats anxiety and/or depression. References