Gračanica It is believed that the main benefit of CBD when it comes to skincare is the anti-inflammatory effect. Though research is limited, one study conducted in 2007 found that when applied to human skin cells, CBD inhibited the overproduction of keratinocytes (skin cells) that are commonly seen in psoriasis. There have also been findings that

unrestrainedly Since the beginning of time people have been using herbs to brew teas – Cannabis has always one of these herbs. Lately however, CBD has garnered a lot of attention and therefore CBD tea is often a topic of discussion. Combining CBD with other therapeutic herbs and spices can produce a holistic remedy for a

Erāttupetta Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the natural occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has hundreds of cannabinoids, but CBD is the one that has gained popularity in the past few years. CBD does not have the psychoactive effects of THC which is the other commonly talked about chemical compound found